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A genuine Sailmaker - Established 1980

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JKA Sailmakers Ltd Sail Loft East, Outer Harbour, Pwllheli Gwynedd LL53 5AY

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Sail Manufacture


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Shade Sails

Boat & Sail Covers

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Shadehoods & Frames

Established 1980

North Wales & North West England Sail Makers

North Wales & North West’s first choice for sails, sprayhoods, canopies, covers & canvas work.



Member Association of British Sailmakers

North Sales & Service Centre

Certified Service Loft

Please help us to help you ... call 01758 613266 for a chat ... SAIL & COVER CARE PLAN ... We are here to help you maintain your sails and covers in top condition - inspect, repair sails & covers, launder if they need a clean, replace if they’ve had their day. Please call us on 01758 613266 or email. ... BOAT COVERS - Covers are the best investment for keeping your boat in good shape summer and winter, get that cover sorted or replaced.

Sails - making new sails every week

At JKA Sailmakers we design & make sails, repair sails, & maintain sails, we provide a specialist sail laundering service and we store sails.


We repair used sails, we provide full sail launder, maintenance & winter storage.

North Sails

Certified Service Loft. For more info click here.

Boat & Sail Covers, Sprayhoods & Canopys

As well as making boat covers for yachts, dinghies, speedboats, power boats and narrow boats, we also make covers for sails, spars, binnacles, wheels, timber tillers, furniture, quad bikes, motor bikes, trailers and BBQ’s.


Our boat covers include our incredibly effective 'easy tie off' system using a stainless steel ratchet and webbing, the ratchet system cranks the cover down very tight, the need for fiddly straps & buckles is negated - look at the photo's, no straps!


We also design, manufacturer, supply and fit sprayhoods, canopys and frames.

Personalised Crew Bags and Holdalls

As well as making sails, we also make personalised Crew Bags, holdalls and Beech Bags.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are in increasing demand for schools, pubs, office buildings and the home. Shade sails look good, serve a valuable purpose, and are made individually to meet your specific needs.

Canvas Products

We make canvas products to suit your requirements including all shapes and sizes of bags, holdalls, containers.

Tent & Awning Repairs

Tents and awnings are susceptible to damage in high winds. The skills, materials and equipment required for sail making & canvas work translate easily into the repair and maintenance of canvas products associated with camping & caravanning.



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